City lights are calling my name

In high school I had a dream. I dreamed of living on a ranch in the country, raising a family and owning multiple dogs (along with other farm animals, probably). The peacefulness and beauty of the country appealed to me, and I loved the idea of owning land and building a home with my own hands. Coincidentally, I started listing to a lot of country music in high school.

I still wanted a career, but my focus was on the country. It seemed perfect.

But then I went to college and everything changed. Over the past two and a half years I’ve been lucky enough to explore cities like New York, Nashville, Chattanooga, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Knoxville, and LA. Each city is unique from another. Some are small, some are huge, some are scenic, some are made of concrete. In all of this exploring I’ve taken away one thing: cities are fun.


NYC lovin’

Seriously. They’re alive, exciting, and full of possibilities. My favorite memories include going dancing in Nashville, biking through downtown Houston, seeing “Chicago” on Broadway in NYC, going to a taping of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in LA, Stand up paddle boarding on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, and tons more. My most recent adventure was this past weekend in Austin, TX, with my roommate. The whole weekend was incredible. We always had something fun to do! (live music, amazing local coffee shops, theater, incredible shopping and oh my gosh, the Mexican food. Austin definitely won me over.)

I still love the idea of life in the country, but I can do that when I’m old. Right now the city lights are romancing my adventurous soul. I have to explore them. I want to know the people, experience the culture, and try new things. I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone, so a big city seems perfect.


Paddle boarding in the middle of the city with fellow adventurers

I’m extremely thankful for my college experience in a small town that I’ve grown to love, but as soon as I get that diploma I’m packing my bags for a bigger skyline and bigger possibilities. I would go anywhere that’s exciting and new: my ideal is to get a writing job at an amazing magazine and get paid to know the people and explore.

Who knows what will happen, but the possibilities make me so excited. For the immediate future, big city life is definitely for me. But I’ll probably still listen to country music.


Austin, I miss you.
PS I know you can’t actually see the city, but my roommate is beautiful, so I had to post it. Trust me when I tell you that Austin is beautiful too.

If you’re looking for some city adventures (or just want to daydream) like me, check out HuffPost’s “20 Awesome Cities You Need to Visit in Your 20’s,” and FoxNew’s “10 Most Exciting Cities to Live in In America.


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