5 reasons why concerts are the best ways for college students to spend their money

College budgets are tough. We have rent to pay, gas to buy and groceries to shop for, but none of those “necessities” are actually as important as spending your money on the most important college experience of all: concerts.

Concerts are without a doubt the best way that a college student could spend their money. Here’s why:


One of my favorite coffeehouse concerts: Jenny & Tyler a the Camp House in Chattanooga, TN.

1. Concerts come in all forms
Whether it’s in a giant stadium under flashing lights and a booming bass or a coffee shop with an acoustic guitar and a jambe, a concert is a concert. So while I definitely find it worth it to spend $50+ to see a big name artist that I really love, you can also have a great, less expensive experience in a more intimate setting. Both kinds are valuable and totally unique.

2. Mini-road trip!
If you are spending your hard earned money on a pricey ticket (which again, is worth it), chances are you have to do a bit of traveling to get there. I typically travel to Atlanta, Nashville or maybe Knoxville for a quality concert, as each city is a 1-3 hour drive away. It’s most practical to travel somewhere you can get to pretty easily, but still requires some time on the road. The mini-road trip with your friends ends up being half the experience, and traveling to see a band is a great way to get out of your home town for a night without going too far.

3. Concerts are an experience that can’t be replicated
Sorry to all my movie loving readers out there, but spending your money to go to a concert is a way better experience than going to the movies on a Friday night. Even though the artist may play the same set and tell the same jokes, I can guarantee you that something will happen at your concert that hasn’t happened on any of the artist’s other dates. Each concert is completely unique, and whether it’s due to the artist’s performance or your reaction to it, you will walk away from a concert with an experience that can’t be replicated.

4. Concerts are an escape
College is rough sometimes, and it’s way too easy to get stressed out. Going to a concert and getting lost in the music is the perfect way to blow off some steam. There’s just something about seeing an artist you love live and singing along to the songs in a crowd of people that can take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out. The experience is almost euphoric and spiritual. If you’re still thinking about your midterm paper while you’re at a concert, you’re doing something wrong.


Hunter Hayes in Knoxville, TN. I was blown away by his talent.

5. Concerts connect you to other people
Whether you go with a big group of people or one or two friends, concerts are a bonding experience that you’ll always reminisce about. They can also connect you with people you don’t know, as you can instantly bond and relate to someone when you find out they’ve seen the same artist live.

Most of my favorite memories from my college career include concerts. Everyone likes music, so with concerts there’s something for everyone. They’re the perfect combination of a grand adventure and a hometown opportunity. So get out there and see a great band! You won’t regret it.


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