Local adventures: take a sunrise hike

chilhowee morning

Up before the sun on Chilhowee Mountain; photo taken by my lovely roommate Haylee Robinson.

Welcome to the first post of my new series: local adventures! The goal of this blog is to help college students (and any others) find adventure in both exciting and mundane times, so local adventures will be a way to feature things you can do when you’re stuck at school without any exotic travels in the near future.

But who says that has to be boring? There is adventure all around us, we just have to get out and explore!

My roommate and I have been looking for new adventures lately, as we are tired of wasting away our Saturdays in bed with Netflix. So this weekend we decided to do the exact opposite and wake up before the sun to go on a hike. I am still so proud of us for even waking up and getting out of the house that early.


clemmer trail

We ended up hiking for six hours. What even. It was beautiful and so tiring. We saw the sunrise over the mountains, heard the sound of babbling brooks through the forests, jumped through creeks, across rocks and over fallen trees, got lost a few times and got the best leg workout of our lives all before most college students were awake. 

We came home exhausted and aching all over, but it was well worth it. Besides seeing new sights and enlivening our sense of adventure, we felt so accomplished just for getting out of our beds and doing something active.

haylee trail

It’s so fun being adventurous with this girl!

Hiking is a great local adventure that can be done almost anywhere, even if you don’t live near mountains. So get out of bed and take a hike!

Do you like to go hiking? Where are the best places to hike in your area? Do you have any other ideas for local adventures? I would love to hear about them!

**All photos taken by my lovely roommate Haylee Robinson


3 thoughts on “Local adventures: take a sunrise hike

  1. Little adventures close to home are a lot easier to put together than big trips. Of course little trips lead to bigger trips if you aren’t careful 😉 Keep having fun getting out there!!


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