Restless thoughts about resting

It’s Friday night, and I don’t want to go out.

This is pretty uncharacteristic for me, as I usually always want to do something fun or go somewhere new. Even if it’s as simple as going out for ice cream, I’m always up for something.

But tonight, I’m tired.

I wrestle with the idea of giving myself rest because I tend to see doing nothing as a waste of time. I have major self-diagnosed FOMO (fear of missing out), so anytime I stay home I’m convinced that there is something else exciting going on without with me that will never happen again, so staying home was basically the worst decision of my life.

Last Friday night I was in NYC, so this boring, I mean restful, Friday night is pretty unsatisfying.

Last Friday night I was in NYC, so this boring, I mean restful, Friday night is pretty unsatisfying.

I constantly have to tell myself that resting is not doing nothing or a waste of time. If I want to seek out more adventures, or simply make it through another week, rest is nonnegotiable. Maybe it was flying from Tennessee to Texas to New York and back last week, or coming home and having no time to process or recuperate from the trip because school and work don’t understand the idea of a “traveling hangover,” or even that I’ve changed my diet and my body still adjusting to life without carbs, but one way or another, my body has had enough, and eventually I have to succumb to it’s demands for rest.

I just wish I didn’t have to succumb on a Friday night. If this were a Thursday night I could easily say I have to “study” and happily give myself some downtime. But tonight is Friday, and I have to rest. So if you don’t mind, I’ll be in my room watching a movie, reading magazines, working on my blog and maybe even crocheting. I know, I’m a grandma. But if I want to wake up in the morning and feel like a 21 year old again, grandma’s gotta relax.

restSo why am I even writing this? Because I started a blog all about adventures, and staying home on a Friday night makes me feel not very adventurous at all. But hey, people need rest, and I’m learning that staying in on a Friday night, or simply taking a break from pushing myself to my physical limits because I always have to be doing something, does not make me a more or less adventurous person. It just makes me a person with a body that needs a break from the constant demands I put on it.

I think this is a lesson that everyone can learn: we need more rest. We need to slow down and give ourselves a chance to breathe, catch up and process the ins and outs of our daily lives. So this weekend, intentionally do one thing that is purely restful for you. Whether it’s time by yourself, taking a stroll, worshipping or reading a good book, stop and rest. Your body, and your future adventures, will thank you.

How do you find rest?


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