Goals//Dreams//Experiences (Inspired by Haylee)

The other night I reblogged my roommate’s post about her goals for the next five years. If you haven’t yet, read her post here.

I was so inspired by her post that I decided to make my own lists! Check out my career, travel, spiritual and adventure goals for the next five years:

Career Goals:
Chatter–Land an amazing internship in Washington D.C.
–Get a job at a magazine when I graduate from college
–Report on international events and social justice issues
–Grow my blog and reach larger audiences as a resource for all things adventure and lifestyle
–Write a story that gets picked up by multiple publications around the world
Continue to write about people and their fascinating stories

europeTravel goals:

–Visit Europe (happening in 50 days!!)
Go back to Australia
–Guatemala (happening in 110 days!!)
–Go on a cruise / go to the Caribbean
–Go on mission trips
–Road trip across America
–Take any and all traveling opportunities that come my way

Spiritual goals:


–Gain a mentor and maintain a constant relationship with her
–Deepen my relationship with the Lord daily; constantly seeking, growing and stretching myself to be more like Him
Get more involved in a church
–Lead worship
–Surround myself with an uplifting community of fellow believers
–Give Christ’s love away to everyone I encounter, whether on mission trips or in daily life
–Attend a Bethel Church worship school (happening this summer!!!)

Adventure Goals:
nyc me

Move to a big city for a few years
–Explore a town or city enough until I’m a walking, talking tour guide (but not an annoying one)
–Find adventure everywhere around me, no matter where I am
–Go to a trampoline park (which is actually happening TONIGHT!)
–Become an avid hiker (and hike everywhere I can with Haylee)
–Go skydiving
–Read 1-2 books a month (if you don’t think reading is an adventure, you’re reading the wrong books)

I could come up with adventure goals for hours, but I’ll stop here for your sake. What are your goals and dreams for the next five years?


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