Saturday Bliss: Health & Balance

Welcome to the first post in my new series: Saturday Bliss. In my opinion (and pretty much everyone’s), Saturday is the best day of the week. No work, no school, just possibilities. Whether you prefer to go crazy or have a day of rest, Saturday’s are perfect for blowing off steam.

So, every Saturday I want to reflect on something I’m thankful for, something I’m enjoying at the moment or just a thought that I want to share. In our crazy cosmopolitan lives, it’s important to set aside time to just reflect. The only real rule for Saturday Bliss is that it must be positive, as the whole point is to spread thankfulness.


Today’s post is about health, balance and green tea cheesecake. Since completing the Whole30, I’ve been seeking ways to find balance in my diet. I don’t want to lose all of the progress I made, but I also don’t think that maintaining that strict of a regimen is realistic. Life is all about balance. I love making healthy choices, but I also let myself indulge every once in awhile. Enter the Green Tea Cheesecake!

I ordered a bag of green tea powder last week and have been experimenting with new recipes with every chance I get. Green tea is full of antioxidants and offers tons of other health benefits, like cancer fighting properties. My favorite thing to do is mix a teaspoon into my greek yogurt in the mornings – an extremely healthy breakfast option. Yet, when I found this recipe on Pinterest, I knew it was time to indulge.

The recipe is SO simple and came out even better than I was hoping! I threw in some dark chocolate chips because I had them on hand, and I loved the added flavor.  This dessert is definitely an indulgence, but the use of green tea powder and fat free cream cheese at least makes me feel like it’s a better option than a tub of ice cream. That’s balance, right?

How do you find balance? I’d love to hear your methods. Also, check out The Balanced Life – a Pilates blog that constantly inspires me to make healthy, well balanced choices.

Happy Saturday!


Bonus: I also threw together these 3-ingredient cookies for fun. Simply combine 2 mashed bananas, one cup of oats and 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips, then bake at 350 degrees for 13-15 minutes, and voila! A healthy, super easy treat.


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