A Formula for the Perfect Weekend

Here’s a question for you: what makes the perfect weekend?

This past school year was a hectic one for me, and there were definitely weeks when I was living for the weekend. I couldn’t wait to get off work (read: internship) on Friday and brush off the stressful week with a perfect weekend.

So, what makes this perfect weekend? I came up with a formula for what I think creates a beautiful, refreshing and fun three day break.

Here it is:

Perfect weekend

Let’s break this down.


Everyone needs to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town when they get the chance. Whether you’re going to your favorite restaurant, seeing a play, shopping or just talking a walk downtown, urban city experiences are a great way to forget about your stressful week and have some fun.


Another great way to leave your stress behind is to get out in nature and take a break from the world. Take a hike, hit the lake, go fishing or just take a minute to sit outside and observe the beauty. An experience in nature will also give you time and space to notice the beauty all around you and become more thankful in the process.

Maybe you feel rested after you’ve challenged yourself physically. If that’s the case, make your hike a more strenuous one, go for an outdoor run or jump in a kayak.

chilhowee morning


Take yourself even further away and give yourself some time to relax. Take a few deep breaths, and do something that brings you peace. Worship, read a book, paint a picture, write, exercise or maybe just catch up on some sleep. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, everyone needs alone time to recharge and gear up for what’s ahead.

Use this time to process your week, prepare for the next one and just enjoy being with yourself.

The great thing about this formula is that you can make it your own. It could look like hitting the town on Friday night, paddle boarding on the lake on Saturday morning and reading a new novel on Sunday afternoon. Or it could be camping on Friday night, having a chill movie night on Saturday and shopping on Sunday.

Each activity could be a day long event or just a small moment tucked in between your work schedule and homework. Whatever you do just make sure you find fun, beauty and rest.

Happy weekending!

How do you spend your weekend? What ways do you find fun, beauty and rest? 
Photo of Chilhowee Mountain by Haylee Robinson.
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