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Hey friends! Long time no talk, right? That’s because I moved to TheCollegeCosmopolitan.com! I made the move a few months ago and thought I set everything up to transfer my followers over, but lately I’ve noticed that this site still gets some traffic! So I’m officially popping in to redirect you all to my much newer and prettier site. ūüôā Lots of exciting things are happening over there, so I’d love it if you joined me!


Travel Adventures: My Weekend with The Lipstick Gospel


This past weekend I spent two absolutely lovely days with Stephanie May of the Lipstick Gospel and ten other women with a desire to discover the value of their story and how to share it with others.

Stephanie’s blog is one of my favorites, and out of all of the bloggers I started following this year (which is a LOT), she definitely inspires me the most with the way she vulnerably shares stories of faith, life and love.

She doesn’t write simply for herself – she writes to use what she’s experienced and learned over her lifetime to help others.¬†I love that.¬†


When she shared about a potential writers weekend in Atlanta, I was immediately on board. Nothing sounded more perfect than a weekend learning from both her wisdom as a Christian writer with influence and her experience as a blogger.

I was worried about spending the money for a weekend like this, but eventually I decided that what I gained would be worth it, so I just went for it!

I’m so glad I did.

The weekend was so much more than I was even expecting. In a warmly decorated suite on the 15th floor of the Georgian Hotel, eleven women from diverse corners of the US came together for the sake of storytelling.

LGStephanie overwhelmed us (in a good way) with her insight while her fiance Carl cooked us gourmet meals that we shared over laughter, authentic conversation and book recommendations. We skipped straight past small talk and went for each other’s hearts. It was perfect.

Not only did I learn from Stephanie’s story, but I reflected on my own life and learned how to better use my writing to spread authenticity, vulnerability and hopefully a little joy into the world through my stories.

Along with the sessions about storytelling, we also talked nitty-gritty blog basics. Maybe I’m a nerd, but I¬†love blog talk. It’s just so much fun!

I am so grateful for the connection I made with Stephanie and the ten other lovely writers – we created a beautiful community of storytellers that vowed to stay connected and support each other through each of our journeys as writers.


How lucky am I to have those beautiful women on my team?

So, stay tuned for some collaborations (hint: a giveaway!) and more personal stories from my own life about adventure, joy and faith.

I have a story, and¬†this weekend, in the prettiest, coziest living room imaginable, Stephanie May told me that it matters. So I’m choosing to believe her.

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All photos by the lovely Lottie Brooke.

3 Links to Get You Through Finals Week

Well…it’s finals week. As I type I’m putting off studying for two exams, planning a presentation and assembling a research portfolio. But. I. Just. Can’t. Focus.

My latest favorite thing to do when I’m feeling distracted is flock to my favorite blogs and vicariously live through their glamorous, non-exam filled lives. As a new blogger, I convince myself that this is just another form of “studying,” and that reading their blogs will make me a better blogger. It’s true, but this is not the time for that. It’s time to study.

Still, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blogger finds with you before I hit the books again. But I really do¬†love¬†reading about and seeking inspiration from other’s adventures. So, if you’re studying your heart out this week (and even if you’re not), check out these three links from some of my favorite adventurers, and remember that you’re almost done! Soon it’ll be your turn for a summer adventure. Just remember to read these articles through the lens of inspiration instead of feeling jealous or discontent with where you are, and you’re study break will be perfect!


This is how Lilycat feels about finals.

1. Dream List by the College Prepster. Carly is one of my newer favorite bloggers, so I promise I didn’t plan for my blog name to sound like hers! She started blogging in college and recently left her day job to blog full time, so she’s definitely an inspiration! I love this post about the dreams she accomplished this year, even when she didn’t realize it.

2. How to Beat Post-Vacation Blues by Darling Magazine. This isn’t actually from a blog, it’s from one of my favorite magazines (I’m pretty obsessed with it, actually). Because Easter was so late this year we jumped straight from a four-day weekend into finals week, and readjusting has been hard.¬†I definitely relate to some of these post-vacation symptoms, even though I didn’t take a two week trip across the world.

3. 2014 Bucket List Inspiration by Bucket List Publications. This is just plain inspirational. Seriously, she accomplished all of these crazy things in four months? Whoa. My favorite aspect of her blog is that she uses it to inspire others to try new things instead of just showing off the cool things she’s done. Check it out!

What has your finals week been like? What do you like to do on your cramming breaks?

Happy studying, friends!

Wandering on Purpose

Hey there – welcome to my new blog!

It’s taken quite a bit of thought, research, second-guessing and self-motivational speeches to get this thing going, but I’m finally ready. I’m ready to write and maintain this blog on a consistent basis, and I finally have enough vision to do so.

You see, I don’t just want to blog. I want to blog¬†well.¬†I spend hours (seriously¬†hours) reading blogs all over the internet for fun. Blogs that are insightful, popular, sleek and overall delightful to get lost in (my current favorite is Anne the Adventurer). I want to join that community, but starting from the grassroots terrifies me. What if no one reads it? What if people read it and hate what I have to say? What if I¬†fail?

Well, today I’m finally telling myself to get OVER it, and just start. I’m also taking the advice of my friend Kelsy and simply writing for myself (you can read my previous angst-y 3 a.m. post for more on that, but I don’t recommend it).

The title/theme/mission statement for this blog is Wandering on Purpose. This phrase describes my current life so well. For the past two and a half years of college I’ve felt like a wanderer. I don’t always know what I’m doing, I rarely know how I got here and I definitely don’t know where I’m going (past the next 18 months, at least). But with this confusion comes so much excitement. Crazy, thrilling things have happened, and anything can happen in the next week, month or year. It’s fun to wander.


But along with wandering comes a sense of purpose: a knowledge that I’m bound for somewhere and something. I have goals, dreams and desires for my life that make wandering feel meaningful instead of aimless. And most importantly I have a Master Planner directing my course. Even¬†more exciting.

So, with that in mind, I want to write about¬†adventures. Exciting things I do, people I meet, places I go, and I want you to come on the adventure with me. If there’s one thing I want people to take away from this blog it’s that adventure is everywhere.¬†I want to write about the things in life that keep us on the edge of our seats, whether they are in everyday experiences or the opportunity of a lifetime.

I can’t wait to get going and see how this internet home of mine takes shape. Want to join me?